We are here for a clientele who require the gold standard in transportation and whose lives demand supreme service, whatever the scenario or circumstance.


KS Enterprise was established to offer bespoke customisation and luxury chauffeur services to individuals who value perfection and professionalism. Providing exactly what our clients want, when they want it, is one of our core values at KS Enterprise. Our multifaceted services range from V-Class conversions to our comprehensive after-sales. Ultimately, our priority is to ensure that every clients needs are met – no matter how big or small your requirement is, we will make it happen.

KS Enterprise has propelled itself to the forefront of the chauffeuring and vehicle-customising industry. From its inception, KS Enterprise has vowed to shift the UK’s culture so that it embraces the notion of luxury transportation. We believe that it is better to be driven, than to drive. Why not avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, and sit back and enjoy our deluxe entertainment system whilst you get to your destination?

KS Enterprise has an excellent proven track record with existing clients; working with high net worth individuals and global brands has curated a dedicated team that values customer service. We serve a number of the biggest names in the premier league and award-winning actors. Striving to exceed our client’s expectations is one of the key mantras here at KS Enterprise.


“I used their chauffeur service for my wedding and I can honestly say I will definitely be coming again. The drivers were extremely professional and everything was so smooth. Will definitely be booking again for a few airport trips!”
"KS enterprise converted my V-Class and I am absolutely in love with it. They managed to put my initials on the seats and I got to pick the colour of the leather. Their after sales service is amazing - I wanted to change the Xbox for a PS5 and they did it within three days!”
"Their cars are amazing. I have never been in a luxury V-Class that nice. The heated seats and the massage system makes you feel like you are on a private jet. The experience was phenomenal and I couldn’t have asked for a better service"
"I leased one of their V-Classes for two months with a driver. Ryan was an exceptional driver and had great knowledge of London and how to avoid traffic. The car speaks for itself and is amazing – it is always great to be able to do work whilst on the move.”