Create the car of your dreams with our tailormade bespoke conversion service. Our team will ensure that every minor detail of the vehicle is built in- line with the client’s vision.


At KS Enterprise, our team is committed to bringing life to our client’s vision. Whether it’s a specific colour of leather you want, or a special type of entertainment system, or even a starlight roof installation – we can make it happen. Our bespoke programmes enable customers to purchase a standard Mercedes V-Class/Vito and transform it into their dream car. We have built an unrivalled reputation for providing bespoke customisation services and have high expertise in building custom-made vehicles.

Our state of the art visual simulator system allows customers to view exactly how your customised vehicle will look. This rigorous process ensures that every custom-built vehicle fits the desired vision of the customer. We strive to build only the best vehicles and source high quality during our manufacturing process. Aside from customising the interior, we also offer external customisation options, such as car wrapping, alloy changes and AMG inspired face-lifts.


Dependent on your taste, there are a versatile range of customisation options that
you can pick from including:

  • Custom-coloured leather/mahogany
  • Custom name stitching on seats
  • Luxury heated seats with in-built massage system
  • In built-television which separates the driver from passengers
  • Rear passenger seating for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 persons
  • Comprehensive entertainment system (PS5, AppleTV, Netflix, Blu-ray DVD) with surround sound system
  • In-built Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Custom interior mood lighting
  • Mini-bar & fridge
  • Starlight (Rolls-Royce style) roof
  • Forward-facing CCTV
  • Electric tables
KS Global Enterprises Ltd
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