Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am running late? 

  • Our aim is to deliver a service that is unrivalled in the industry so we offer all customers a complementary 1 hour waiting time. 

What refreshments will be provided in my vehicle? 

  • Refreshments can be added per customer request and are charged at cost but must be arranged in advance. 

Can I extend my time with the vehicle? 

  • Yes. You can ask your driver if you want to extend your time. If the driver is able to accommodate the request and there is no conflicting booking, then they will only be able to take card payments for trip extensions. The price will be £100 per extra hour.

Can I pay the driver cash? 

  • Unfortunately our drivers will not accept cash payments. They will have electronic card readers if you need to make further payments on the day.

How many seats will my vehicle have? 

  • We have vehicles with 4 seats or with 5 seats. 

Are there any other ways to pay apart from by card? 

  • We can arrange payments via bank transfer and for repeat clients they will have the option to pay via crypto. 

Would my driver be able to stop at locations along the journey? 

  • Yes, this is possible but there will be adjustments to the cost based on the deviation from the original journey. 

Are there any age requirements or minimum age? 

  • There are no age restrictions for passengers and we have baby seat attachments. You will need to fit these yourselves, according to law.

Will I be notified when my driver has arrived? 

  • Yes, you can either receive a call or SMS text from your driver, depending on your preference. 

What if I can’t find my driver? 

  • If you can’t find your driver then please call us on: 07506257123

Can I eat or smoke in the car? 

  • Unfortunately not. We operate a no eating or smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) policy.

How much would a return journey cost? 

  • Return journeys are charged at the same rate as single journeys. 

How far in advance do I need to book? 

  • We have taken bookings as early as an hour before the journey but bear in mind it will primarily depend on your location and our availability for this to be possible. We recommend giving yourself as much time as possible and booking as soon as you can, to guarantee your allocation. 


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